Cossacks,Cossacks II with extras (PC) Descargar Gratis

Cossacks,Cossacks II with extras (PC) Descargar Gratis

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Cossacks,Cossacks II with extras

3D landscapes offer strategic advantages; ships are pre-rendered in a minimum of 64 directions, resulting in smooth 3D animation and turning; map and scenario editor. 2 Technological Epochs: 17th and 18th Century;

16 antagonista nations, each with their own connatural graphics, unique economic and technological differences; connatural economic system with 6 resources: food, wood, stone, gold, coal and iron; dynamic Fog-of-war.

Civilians and their buildings can be conquered and become your colony;

Up to 7 players in Multiplayer mode.....and more

everything is working 100%:

editors, information, patch C2BoE, new, interesting music package CIIBoE

Back To War & all CII .iso
All parts 200mb (only first Cossacks 2x100)


First ...


Cossacks: The Art of War


Cossacks: European Wars


Cossacks: Back To War


Cossacks 2: Napoleonic Wars

Cossacks II puts gamers in inspección of 19th-century European nations as they wage war, secure alliances and work to economically and militarily overpower their opponents.

With an all-new enhanced 3D graphics engine and featuring more than 150 unit types and a realistic troop morale system, Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars expands upon everything that gamers enjoyed about the connatural.

Gamers will take on the roles of diplomat, warrior and economist as the leader of one of six European nations as they expand their empires through treaties, truncheons and treasuries. Utilizing an attractive 3D engine, the game will allow for 64,000 units to be onscreen simultaneously, as armies battle in sweeping landscapes featuring more than 1,000 types of realistic flora and fauna.


Cossacks 2: Battle for Europe

The expansion to the GSC Game World RTS, Cossacks II: Battle for Europe continues to focus on the early 19th century and the Napoleonic Wars.

In addition to new units and buildings, players will be able to take the reigns of three new nations in an attempt to establish supreme rule over the European continent. Additionally, players will be offered a number of new historical and historically inspired battles including the Battle of Borodino and Waterloo, along with new multiplayer skirmishes. The expansion will also increase the number of missions and available regions for the massive "Battle for Europe" strategic game mode.

This game is an expansion to Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars, but also operates as a stand-alone game.


Music for CII_BoE

new, interesting music package

Info inside...



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