Cursos Flash CS3 + Action Script 3.0 -

Cursos Flash CS3 + Action Script 3.0 -

Tutoriales y Manuales adobe animacion flash particulas

Mi tercer post de tutos, esta vez Flash CS3 animaction secrets y Particulas en Action Script 3.0, como siempre espero que les sirva.



ActionScript 3.0 Building Particle Systems

From understanding the basics to creating advanced effects like explosions and smoke, ActionScript 3.0: Building Particle Systems covers each step involved in creating particles and building particle systems. Instructor Todd Perkins explains how to make a versatile particle class that controls particle movement, gravity, friction, spin, rotation, fading, scaling, and other movement effects. He also demonstrates how each unique particle system can be added to a real world application. Exercise files accompany the course.


Flash CS3 Animation Secrets

Flash CS3 Animation Secrets was created and produced by Chris Georgenes. We are honored to host his material in the Online Training Library®

Artist, web designer, and Flash expert Chris Georgenes divulges his favorite secrets for animators in Flash CS3 Animation Secrets. From customizing the workspace for better efficiency to creating flames, smoke, and steam, Chris reveals his techniques for mastering difficult effects. He also covers nesting movie clips, using sound, seamlessly looping animations, and more. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.


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