Electric Image Animation Studio 8.0 Descargar Gratis (7 del 4 de 2011)

Electric Image Animation Studio 8.0 Descargar Gratis (7 del 4 de 2011)

Descargas Gratis programas-gratis

Electric Image Animation Studio 8.0 | 102 MB

Electric Image Animation Studio is widely used in Hollywood and in professional studios around the world. EIAS is a three-dimensional software, without which it can not do any one artist CGI. For nearly 15 years, developed and complemented by an application that allows you to create superior three-dimensional graphics. If you hope to create animations in the style of Hollywood, theElectric Image Animation Studio is for you. EIA has a high processing speed, which allows you to quickly and easily create feature films. Animation system (EIAS) is an outstanding package of three-dimensional animation. EIA can ispolzavat for both Mac and for PC. Now you easily can liven up your three-dimensional scenes.

The main features of the product:

- Practically every feature can be animated in EIAS.

- EIAS can import animations from other applications via BVH formats and FBX.

- EIAS can import data from SynthEyes and Boujou and MatchMover.

- With funutsy EIAS can liven up any objects naturally.

Additional Information:

Program for professionals.

The procedure for treatment:

After installing the program not to run it, and copy the folder Lz0 two files in the folder the program. In this case, replace the existing two or renamed

Program Title: Electric Image Animation Studio 8.0

Program Version: 8.0

The latest version: 8.0

Language: English

Treatment: complete

Type of medication: another

System requirements:

Windows XP / Vista,

Processor 1GHz or higher


A 32-bit 3D Graphics card and at least 256MB of memory

USB port



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