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HF DAZ Studio Portable - Descarga Gratis - Hotfile

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DAZ Studio Portable | 111.8 Mb

DAZ Studio 3 - is a multifunctional tool 3D design drawings and 3D-animation, which allows anyone to create stunning digital images. This is the perfect tool to create masterpieces of digital art and animation with virtual people, animals, props, vehicles, accessories, environment and much more.

This is a completely new level of DAZ Studio with enhanced exports and greater compatibility with its older brother, Carrara

That is not an exhaustive list of what you can do using DAZ Studio:

- Add to the scene of so many people as you like for you;

- Set of people, animals, aliens and even inanimate objects in that position (and position) that you need;

- Put your models, your selected items. Incidentally, many details such as hair and odezhdyimeyut many settings;

- Place furniture, background and objects in your scene. Almost infinite variety of settings allows you to recreate your own living room, to simulate the cockpit spaceship ... and anything to portray.

- Locate and adjust the light. You can easily adjust the brightness, area lighting, location, direction, color and clarity of light - to get the result, which is intended.

- Location and size of many cameras. By the way, to see the scene once with the four points of view, you too can. You can also select your camera from you presented in the program range;

- Change any object, character or event in your scene.

Key features:

Support for hot keys

Multiple undo and redo

Hardware acceleration for OpenGL

Supports Drag and Drop

Import user settings (from previous versions included)

Powerful modeling functions

Functions of rendering and use of effects

Realistic rendering

Support for multiprocessor systems

Support for OpenGL

Supported file formats: OBJ, OBZ, JPG, DSI, PNG, TIFF, BMP, BHV

Export to AVI

And much more

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