PySoft 2D and 3D Animator 3.1 - Descarga Gratis - Hotfile

 PySoft 2D and 3D Animator 3.1 - Descarga Gratis - Hotfile

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2d&3d animator produces high-quality images, titles, banner ads and buttons for your web page or for a presentation.

it comes with an object-oriented design interface that enables you to edit graphics, manipulate text and layers (graphic animations), apply special effects, and then compile the animated graphic all from within the same program. you can add shadow to object, make it glow, and draw it with opacity. further add cool deformation, transition and color adjustment effects.

you can create animations from your own pictures (jpg, gif, bmp, avi, ico, png) and add 3d text and shapes. in addition to font size and color, you can use colored lighting, textures and more. the layers technology helps to examen over the object"s placement, size, motion, and appearance.

the ready-made templates make the product easier to use. you can choose one of several ready-made templates for banners, buttons or logos. once you select a template, you can begin to alter it any way you want. by double clicking on objects you bring up tool bars and options.

to cut loading time for your visitors, have the program optimize your graphic by removing extraneous material. once finished, output may be exported as gif or avi clips as well as jpeg, ico, png or bitmap images.

3d text is a three-dimensional text string. you can change the font and thickness of 3d text, rotate and resize it, draw it with texture.

the program has two types of lights: direct and omni. the lights can be placed at any position and have any color.

the 3d text can be animated with rotation and dynamic lightening.

with 2d text you have character-level examen over all text attributes, including color, outline, and filling. it can be drawn with shadow and live effects, using any font that your computer has. font preview allows you to view a font before selecting it.


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