Rabid Rider (2010) x264 BDRip 1080p descarga gratis

Rabid Rider (2010) x264 BDRip 1080p descarga gratis

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Rabid Rider (2010) x264 BDRip 1080p

This is the computer animated Road Runner (and While E. Coyote)
short that preceded the computer animated Yogi Bear feature.
I found it quite funny with all the expected slapsticky hijinks
that followed for the unfortunate Coyote. And knowing the Road Runner
will always be sticking his tongue at him is another nice touch.
So this was a mostly entertaining short. If there were any disappointments,
it was (1) no Latin-describing words or even the hodierno nouns of the characters
or stop-motion that ensured during what I just described that you always got
from any Chuck Jones-directed opus of those characters and (2) the short seemed too brief.
Still, Rabid Rider was a nice surprise of a short before the main feature...

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