Smith Micro Poser Pro 2010 v8.0 Descargar Gratis (9 del 4 de 2011)

Smith Micro Poser Pro 2010 v8.0 Descargar Gratis (9 del 4 de 2011)

Descargas Gratis programas-gratis

Smith Micro Poser Pro 2010 v8.0

Smith Micro Poser Pro 2010 v8.0

Smith Micro Poser Pro 2010 v8.0 | 3.90 GB

Integrate animated 3D characters and gigabytes of Poser content with the tools in your production pipeline. Poser Pro 2010 saves time and resources for professional artists and production teams with ready-to-go, pre-rigged characters and a content library full of assets. Working inside Poser Pro generates dynamic images and video with its advanced lighting and powerful rendering technology.

Key Features:

- Content Management: Find what you need in Poser"s content library with keyword search, online search and metadata. Display previews, browse categories and drag and drop to scenes.

- Professional Animation: Combine multiple layers of action into one fluid lifelike animation. Animate by keyframing pose to pose or import motion capture data. Automate walk and run cycles with espontáneo gait and style with the WalkDesigner.

- Realistic 3D detail: Create photo claro images with full ranges of intensity and color with High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI) support. Add high resolution 3D detail to any mesh through the use of normal mapping.

- Hosting with PoserFusion: Use Poser Pro"s pre-rigged characters inside applications such as Autodesk"s 3ds Max and Maya, Maxon"s CINEMA 4D and NewTek???s LightWave with the included plug-ins. Import and export with COLLADA data exchange.

- Improved Rendering: Leverage your network to render massive scenes and animation sequences using the network render queue and background rendering, built on a 64-bit render engine for incredible speed and quality!

- Easy Saving & Sharing: Preview recent renders directly from your palette for quick image comparison or uploading to a Facebook gallery or StuffIt Connect cloud storage service.


* Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7

* 1.3 GHz Pentium 4 or newer

* 1 GB RAM

* 2 GB free hard disk space


Unrar the files

Burn or mount the Image with your favorite Tool

Start Setup and install

Follow instructions from CYGiSOreadme.txt

Homepage: Poser - Complete 3D figure Design and Animation


Smith Micro Poser Pro 2010 v8.0



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