Toon Boom Studio 6 (Mac OSX)

Toon Boom Studio 6 (Mac OSX)

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Toon Boom Studio 6 Intel Mac OSX


Toon boom Studio 6 MacOSX Intel | 119.12 MB ​​|
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Toon Boom Studio is the best 2D animation software to learn and create animation with. Ideal for students and hobbyists looking for an easy-to-use animation program, excellent for teachers and educational institutions, Studio makes all animation techniques accessible to users, offering them the most creative and rewarding experience.

* Create content in multiple ways: draw digitally, scan-in paper drawings, capture live images or import existing artwork
* Apply colours
* Set camera moves
* Animate using bones, pegs and animated elements
* Add audio tracks and lip-sync your animation
* Publish your animation projects for print, TV, HDTV, the Web, Facebook, YouTube and iPod/iPod touch/iPhone/iPad

Animation techniques

* Bone animation
* Cut-out animation
* Traditional paper animation
* Traditional digital animation
* Stop-motion animation
* Rotoscoping

User Profiles

* Ideal for students
* Perfect for teachers and educational institutions
* A must for creative hobbyists

Key Benefits

* Easy-to-learn and use with illustrated user guide
* Develop your talent communicating your ideas
* Add creative animation to home videos and school projects


* Excellent tools to develop creativity and self-expression
* Perfect use of animation to communicate and learn all subjects
* Art and Cross-Discipline Curriculum suitable for all school levels

What's new - Version 6.0:

* Convenient Skeleton Effect Layer in the timeline
* Useful Bone Level for segmenting and animating the character
* Easy setting of rotation, length and position of the bones
* Practical manipulation of the bones in the timeline
* Fast transformation of vector shapes
* Impressive transformation of pixmap textures
* More accurate region of influence to move objects
* Smart reuse of Bone templates on several characters
* Real-time preview of Bone Effect
* Full QuickTime export of Bone Effect
* Fast SWF export of Bone effect (Vector shapes only)
* Several software improvements and bug fixes

Mac Requirements

* Intel
* Mac OS X 10.5 or later.
* Video card with 256MB RAM


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