Videomach Pro v5.8.0

 Videomach Pro v5.8.0

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  Convert between AVI / BAYER / BMP / CINE / FLIC / GIF / HAV / JPEG / JP2 / MPEG / OGV / PCX / PNG / PNM / RAS / RGB / TARGA / TIFF / WMV / XPM / AC3 / OGG / WAV / WMA and other multimedia formats
  Turn images to video, from sources such as:
  high-speed imagers
  time-lapse photography
  stop-motion animation
  3d rendering
  screen capture, etc.
  Decompile movies to images and audio
  Speed up / slow down video clips
  Rotate, resize, remove borders, sharpen, adjust colors and enhance your videos/images
  Apply dozens of other video effects
  Arrange videos into matrices / arrays
  Turn noisy videos into a crystal clear image (useful for recognizing license plates)
  Overlay text and logos
  Add audio to animations



Autor: in.flames

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